Saturday, February 1, 2014

100 percent!

This time everyone will get a chance“, they hissed, as they tried to protect it from them. It was a dull dark night when a congregation gathered around a shining white, rare artifact which appeared only once a year. The artifact was said to have such powerful magical effects that on consuming it would give ultimate happiness and bliss and would remove all the consumer’s grievances at once.

Everyone had gathered to be a part of it, they wanted to touch it, feel it and have a taste of it but were afraid of someone – the Marauders. For years and years they had infested the region and it was up to the Guardians to protect it. The Guardians had always failed miserably, the Marauders always overpowered them and broke their defenses. Even though The Guardians gave their best fight they were never able to match the impregnable strength and sheer willpower of the Marauders. It was said that the Marauders had taken an oath called “100 percent” under which they had no choice but to “take in possession of THE artifact whenever it appeared”. Anyone of the Marauders if failed was deeply humiliated and given far worse punishment then mankind could think of.

Tension grew, everyone held their breath as the ritual of human sacrifice was carried out, for the secret enchanted locks covering the artifact required sacrifice of a noble soul. “Nahi, please don’t do this to me. I don’t deserve this”, he yelled but no one paid heed. Sensing the crowd was not in any mood of showing mercy he quietly prayed and gave all his possessions to a dear friend. “Kill him!” the crowd jeered and lifted him up. He tried to struggle free and kicked about his hands and legs but to no avail. For the next five minutes he was subjected to brutal kicking and hitting by everyone. Then he was left free and pelted stones at even as he tried to run but couldn’t and finally gave up and fell down. The crowd realizing that their target was vulnerable washed him with immensely cold water till he made no movement and killed his spastic outbursts. As he lay there fully paralyzed there was a glint in everyone’s eyes since they knew that this time they had succeeded and would finally get to reap the rewards.
The locks were carefully decrypted and the sacrifice was put to use. Slowly the packaging was removed and the glow was stronger than ever. It was beautifully carved, symmetrical from all angles with neatly done edges. Its surface appeared to be as smooth as an oyster’s pearl and had intricate carvings of powerful spells while underneath there was a stronger foundation although it had properties resembling a sponge. The people circled around the prized possession and were about to read the enchanted lines when suddenly from behind, the Marauders, out of nowhere, attacked them. Panic spread while the Marauders threw the weak out of their way with utmost ease. The Guardians realizing this took fast action and formed a human chain out of them. “Certainly, we can’t fail this time “, the Guardians thought and in a split second decided to read out the enchanted words and consume it among themselves.

Meanwhile the Marauders sped through the rings of people and only the last layer was left. Sensing that the Guardians were about to execute the magical powers of the item and that their “100 percent” oath was in danger


The two groups shouted in unison and tried to grab as much of the BIRTHDAY CAKE as they could. Everyone tussled as they all tried to reach for the cake, some were lucky and got handful of cake while some got it swatted all over their shirt or ended dropping it. But one thing was for certain-

Yes! 100 percent record still not broken”