Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beware of the Black Dog

A youtube clip grabbed my attention recently. Since then I watch it whenever I feel bored/tired/sad/sick/tired/annoyed. It's a clip from a very popular Bollywood movie and the scene gave me goosebumps the first time I saw it. Without holding you on further, here is the link.

For those of you who could not understand Amrish Puri's dialogue for whatever reasons here is the punchline, quite literally-

How horny Puri's blood cells look like
Did you notice how subtly the director has been able to connect Black Dog whiskey with Amrish Puri's inner dogs? Or that music? India's own hip hop music! Music aficionados would have correctly spotted the base beat as this-;;

And how come we never tried tipping waiters beforehand?! I mean, who doesn't want a superior service? And it works too! Observe carefully and you will realise the waiter already knew that Puri will reject "Chivarse" Regal straightway and therefore kept a bottle of Black Dog with him. The screenwriter thus convinces us, the viewers, that tipping early does help!

On the other hand, Prem Chopra's acting is quite dismal. What kind of a word is Amaiyya?!? Imagine sitting in a nice place with a friend and saying Amaiiya, are you alright today? ( And you certainly don't say Mmmmmhmmmm kya baat hai ( You say that when you have delicious pakodas not while Puri describes you about his inner dogs!

Bollywood rocks!