Friday, January 31, 2014

Are u there??

Are u there?
Are u there?
#gets a stick
are you there?
#pokes with a wooden stick
(She-bunny not responding)
(Gets closer to she bunny)
#she bunny is seething with anger. She looks at him, he isnt that handsome, but there is something likeable
about him

#poke again
U there?
She looks at him for a brief moment and looks away instantly, disgusted by him
U there?
(throws away the wooden stick)
U there? Gentle poke
She looks at him, stares into his soul but doesnt respond
U there?
She is very agitated now by the incessant pokes
She signals her brain to do something. Brain flatly refuses
U there?
poke on her hand
She grunts to shoo him away
u there?
he moves even closer, she doesnt know how to respond. They are within inches now
Shes expecting a poke anytime soon
U there
No poke
Mildly surprised, she opens her mouth
Now shes outright angry
He moves even closer. She is resolute. She will not talk to him. By now her surfaces are touching his. She bunny feels sensations never felt before. Deep tingling sensations reverbrate throughout her body. Her heart is beating faster. She snaps back to reality
Her face is red, blood pumping across her body
U there
Strangely no poking this time
U there
again, no poking
The tingling sensation spreads across her body, her perfect derriere being grabbed violently. Her frontal lobes are hard yet glow softly, blood gushing to all parts of her body. She bunny looks at the heavens, jaw wide open as her bountiness is touched softly.
her anger has dissipated, another burst of sensation engulfs her. She is completely swallowed by pleasure as his tongue swoons down on her. He looks poignant, his eyes hold clarity and conviction.
she looks straight at him, anger subdued
im here!

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